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Hannah Munster


Design brain on and coffee at the ready, I’m buckled in and ready for my freelance adventure!

A New years resolution in 2009. Eager to join the world of grown-ups again, and creatively stretching beyond that of Hi-5 dance moves with my 2 beautiful small children, growing so quickly…

I thought of a way to enjoy being at home with them and being at work doing what I enjoy and missed, I love being creative, generating new brands for people and watching the business come to life with my art! Munster Design and Print was born from various word of mouth jobs, that to my fortune, clients have now become friends and regulars to my offerings.

I own and operate a small business from my home. We have no grandeur, but what we lack in surface area, we make up for in effort, and creativity.
My hours are my own. (well around the schedules of my growing children). Some hours are crazy, late nights by MAC light and some are stressful deadlines, so not alot of different from the ‘office’ world, but I get to be with my family while I do it and in the comfort of my castle.

Robert Munster


A true Captain in his won right, working full time isn’t enough for Rob, he helps Hannah keep the torch alight, working on projects in the late hours to deliver to client deadlines. With over 25 years of design and print experience and knowledge, it is a VERY welcome assist! Assistant Design , Art Direction, Copywriting, Copy Editing, Account Management, Print Consulting, Pre-Press Finished Art.

Munster Design and Print

Graphic Design Services
$ 50
  • Graphic Design offline material
  • Web Design
  • Illustration
  • Brand Design
  • Interior Design
  • Social Media
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